Jeffrey passed away in the early hours of 6 March 2018 from a medical condition.
We would ask you all to remember him as he was, a great performer and vocalist, and one of the few originals.

Jeffrey's autobiography "THE INSIDE OUTSIDER" is now finished and published.

You can purchase it through STARMAN BOOKS. You'll also find info through Jeffrey's Facebook page. Here's the link to connect to Jeffrey on Facebook:
The Real JStJ

There is also a book of Jeffrey's poetry, suitably entitled
"Mind Candy for the Poetically Inclined ".
It's available as an extra to the book, and well worth the purchase. Click on the pics below for larger images.

Clickable thumbnail image of Jeff St John's Autobiography
Clickable thumbnail image of Jeffrey's book of poetry

Clickable thumbnail image of Jeffrey at book launch of his autobiography.


A review of Jeffrey's autobiography from:
The Starfish


Pic of Ace Follington against backdrop of glowing embers

Band name, Jeffrey St John and The Embers
Lighting rig at Muffethalle venue in mUncih
Pic of Russell Smith against backdrop of glowing embers
Pic of Peter Slatter against backdrop of glowing embers
Pic of Bill Blissett against backdrop of glowing embers


CD Title


Stage at Muffethalle, Munich pre-show state.




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WE ARE SAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT JEFFREY PASSED AWAY IN THE EARLY HOURS of 6 MARCH 2018 FROM A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT BECAME UNTREATABLE. Our hearts go out to his family in this time of sadness. Welcome to our site. Jeffrey has his autobiography published now, there's a link to it below in the NEWS TO HAND! section. Some sad news with the passing of Wendy Saddington, you'll find 2 links to her EULOGY penned by Jeffrey St John just below Jeffrey's pic on this page. Our condolences to her family and friends, R.I. P. Wendy, you'll be sadly missed. This site is Music for the Senses with delightfully revamped classics that don't lose sight of the originals. The track you're listening to is " 's Wonderfull", go to the Tracks page for more music and some live footage shot in Munich. We hope you like the site and the music. . A new page dedicated to the Harley Trike is here. Click on The Trike link to view it. The 'INVISIBLE YEARS' CD set is now available for purchase. See below for information on this 2 CD set with a 12 page booklet. Cheers, Jeffrey St John. Catch you later *******


Pic of Paul Close, sound engineer) against backdrop of glowing embers.


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